What are you up to these days? Any projects in the works? 

I just launched a bridal jewelry collection with Vrai! All the pieces are inspired by what I wore at my wedding, and the stones are all cultured diamonds which are safe for animals, humans and the environment.

What are simple tips for making your everyday more sustainable?

I always tell myself to “shop less and shop better” and I think that’s a good reminder. We have so much power as consumers and if we just buy LESS things and buy from sustainable brands (like the ones on MAISON DE MODE) then we all will have a lower impact on our planet.

What sustainable brands are you loving at the moment?

Well Vrai is my absolute favorite jewelry brand right now! And since I’ve been trying to shop cruelty-free, I love Yatay sneakers, AERA heels, and M2Malletier purses.

What does your current beauty routine lineup look like? 

I only use cruelty-free skincare so Osea face lotion and cleanser keep my skin moisturized. And I love all the Tarte makeup!

Three wardrobe essentials or your personal go-tos?

A Santicler organic Cotten t-shirt, Etica denim, and Yatay vegan sneakers.

Quickfire round:

Dress up or dress down?

Well during a pandemic, I think “dress down” is the only option!

Sandals or sneakers?

Sneakers. I’m spending the winter in Oslo (where my husband is from) so sandals are definitely not good for Norway!

Matcha or coffee?

Coffee. If I don’t have at least one cup a day, I’m basically useless.

Milk of choice? 

Oat milk! That is the best alternative to cow milk for the environment. And it tastes great!

White or red wine?

White wine, preferably Chardonnay 

Early or late riser?


Favorite holiday destination? 

I love Miami. It’s easy to get to, has great restaurants and tons of beaches.

Go-to restaurant?

Crossroads in LA. They have great vegan food!