Jennifer Klein Couture

Jennifer Klein Couture is a modern couture house upholding centuries-oldcraftsmanship traditions on the brink of vanishing and linking these with thehighest production standards and progressive values, at the heart of which lies sustainability. As a counterweight to the ever-accelerating mainstream fashion industry, Jennifer Klein Couture chooses to place itself in the slow fashion niche and focus on the production of sophisticated garments which last a lifetime. Her luxury accessory line is entirely crafted from luxurious fabric leftovers from her bespoke creations. Each piece is created from a carefully considered mix of patterns and textures to create designs full of joie de vivre. All bespoke creations as well as the entire accessory line are made by a small team of artisans and Jennifer Klein herself in the atelier in Frankfurt, Germany. Only highest quality and sustainable fabrics are used throughout the production process. Jennifer Klein’s pieces are directed at women who value the art of living beautifully and sustainably and are looking for the truly exceptional and unique.
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Upcycling Bag No. 2 in Pink Elephant


Upcycling Bag No. 2 in Pink Elephant

$ 223.00