St. Roche’s sustainable and beautiful Production Process


Since its launch, St Roche’s commitment is to responsibly design and manufacture beautiful, ethically made, and sustainably sourced, high-quality clothing.

Manufacturing with responsible raw materials and involving artisanal skills is crucial to the brand and its co-founders. St Roche uses fabrics and yarn sourced as close as possible to where their clothes are produced, mainly in India, Peru, and the USA.

As a true partner of change, St Roche chooses global manufacturing partners very carefully, only working with the best, transparent, and compliant small factories, who are women or family-owned, and who share their vision and core values. The brand has built long-lasting, strong relationships with its supplies, in order to create a supply chain that is short and transparent.

Their choice of raw materials is an integral part of their mission and business. Wherever possible, St Roche sources natural,  biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable low impact fabrics, including GOTS certified organic cotton, hand-loomed cotton, and sustainably produced Alpaca yarn.


For instance, all of the woven pieces are made in India, where two-thirds of the world’s organic cotton is grown. For Spring 2022, 90% of the collection is made from organic cotton. 

Almost all of their knitwear is made in Peru from locally sourced Alpaca yarn, an eco-friendly fiber. Alpacas are not harmed when they are sheared (usually only once a year) and they live in their native habitat in the Andes. Their wool is soft, luxurious, and long-lasting, and the process of farming it does not require any toxic chemicals. This production in Peru supports economic, social, and environmental development in the county.

St Roche creates beautiful, heirloom-quality hand knits in their sweater collection. Shop their Luna Sweater, made by an indigenous community of women in Puno, high in the Sierra region of Peru. 

St Roche’s long-term manufacturing partner in Peru is Fair Trade certified. This means that the artisans who create our handcrafted pieces are paid properly, and given the opportunity to use their traditional skills to support themselves, whilst being trained to produce high-quality garments. 

We are very proud to carry St Roche and its innovative approach to knitting. Their padded shoulder Sierra Sweater is made in Brooklyn from a fine gauge Italian Merino wool, knitted on a digital 3D knitting machine and each garment produces only 1% waste.

St Roche offers high-quality handwork; using traditional Indian textile techniques designed with a modern approach and aesthetic. St. Roche garments are timeless, made to last and their hand-crafted textiles are of heirloom quality. St Roche, like Maison de Mode, believes that less is more, promoting lasting design, ethical production, and excellent quality as the true meaning of luxury.